Chapters . . . Lobos Across the Land!


UNM graduates have a special rapport with one another. Our national chapter program provides opportunities for alumni to stay connected with the university, meet and get together with other UNM alumni living in their geographic areas, and give back to the university and to their communities. We hope you will take a moment to check out our chapter pages and see what is happening in your area.

Chapter Leaders. . . Welcome! We are excited to provide you with the tools you need to get your jobs done out there in chapter-land! Thank you for your interest and participation.

Constituency Chapters

Constituency Chapters are formed out of a common college, department or university experience. Oftentimes, students make their strongest bonds with those they took classes with, played next to in the band, or campaigned with during elections. Constituency groups offer alumni an opportunity to continue these relationships after graduation.

Constituency Chapter Officers, 2013
Regional Chapter Officers, 2013

For more information on regional chapters, contact Charlene Chavez Tunney at or 505-277-5808. Or, give the chapter leader in your area a call to find out ways you can participate or get involved!

Visit the regional chapter webpage for area information.

Regional Chapter Officers
Albuquerque, N.M. (GAAAC Chapter) Alumni Contact: Kim Feldman, 505-277-9092
Atlanta, Georgia President: George Davis, 770-491-6050 (h)
Austin, Texas President: Bill Renfro, 512-743-6803 (h)
Chicago, Illinois President: J.D. Salazar, 630-747-4516 (c)
Dallas, Texas Area Contact: Brett Schuler
Alumni Contact: Charlene Chavez Tunney
Denver, Colorado Area Contacts: Rich Normandie; Ryan Montoya
Past President: Grace Fink, 303-233-2006 (h)
Houston, Texas President: Ed Zamora, 713-664-7721 (h)
Las Vegas, Nevada Interim President: Charlene Chavez Tunney. Office in transition.
Past President: Clara Padilla-Silver,
Los Angeles, California President: Patrick Conroy, 626-446-4175 (h)
Past President: Gary Bednorz, 805-659-1491 (h)
New York, New York President: Mary O'Hara, 212-505-2010
Past President: Enrico Gonzalez del Campillo
Past President: Rich Slaby
Norcal / San Francisco President: Chris Chavez, 510-526-1885 (h)
Past-President: Manny Cortez, 650-573-6101 (h)
Sacramento Chairman: Jim Givaudon, 916-925-1104 (h)
Phoenix, Arizona President: Jose Pavon, 480-525-1677
Salt Lake City, Utah President: Ken Allen, 801-884-4313 (o), 505-514-8132 (c)
San Diego, California President: Marlene Giles, 619-284-8292 (h)
Seattle, Washington President: Joan Bright, 360-572-4317
Washington, DC President: Larry Harris, 703-370-3448 (h)
Green Chile Roast: Don Ivers, 703-765-3998 (h)

Last Updated: August 14, 2013