Alumni Stories

Estevan Apodaca

Medical Student

by Mary Conrad

It has been a busy summer for Estevan Apodaca. Having just begun Medical School, he also joined the Young Alumni board as the 2010 representative.

Estevan is a member of the first cohort of BA/MD students. The BA/MD program was created to address the physician shortage in New Mexico. It is for New Mexico residents who plan to serve the local communities upon graduation.

After finishing all of his classes for graduation from his BA program in biology, Estevan took a semester off. He spent the time in Bolivia, “shadowing physicians and getting an up close and personal view of how medicine is practiced in an impoverished country.” When he began the program, his goal was “to learn, to watch and to absorb everything.” He felt he could bring back all he learned and continue to better himself and the world he is a part of.

Estevan, his classmates, and the four other cohorts of the BA/MD program are doing great things for the UNM, the Land of Enchantment and beyond.


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