Black Alumni Chapter Executive Board

Helen A. Nance Hamilton
Board Member, 2012-2015

Helen Hamilton graduated from the UNM College of Nursing with a BSN degree in May of 1970. In August 1973, she graduated from Boston University School of Nursing with a MSN in Psychiatric Nursing.

She has worked in the nursing field for 40 years in the areas of psychiatry, pediatrics, community health, education, and management. She recently retired in October, 2011 from the faculty at the UNM College of Nursing where she taught for 25 years. Helen's management experience consisted of functioning in the position of Nursing Director for a 90-bed private psychiatric hospital for 10 years.

During Helen's tenure at the College of Nursing, she worked as a retention counselor/faculty with a federally funded minority recruitment and retention project for two years. From 1984-85, Helen was Director of Student Advisement for the College of Nursing. She also served for over 10 years on the Curriculum Committee which had responsibility relative to the admission, progression, and graduation of nursing students. She participated as a faculty representative for the College of Nursing in the UNM African-American Day, a minority student recruitment initiative.

Helen served on the Executive Board for the Albuquerque Child and Family Guidance Center for 25 years (1977-2002). In 1984, she was appointed by the Governor and served a 3 year term on the NM State Board of Nursing. Since 1995, she has served on the Advisory Board for Sequoyah Adolescent Treatment Center, a state-funded residential treatment facility for violent, mentally ill male youth.

Doris Willard
Board Member, 2012-2015

Doris Willard graduated from The University of New Mexico in May 1977. Upon graduation she immediately went to work for Lowell Elementary School (Albuquerque Public Schools) as a Tutorial Supervisor. Doris supervised and trained three tutors to assist underachieving students in grade levels 1-3. Her employment was briefly interrupted when she took a leave of absence to travel abroad with her husband. They journeyed to Nairobi, Kenya in East Africa for approximately three months. This is where she actually learned how to appreciate different cultures of the world.

Doris was hired by The University of New Mexico's African American Studies Department immediately upon her return to the United States. Once again she was around youngsters and truly enjoyed the academic environment as well as the many different people attending the University. After a few years at African American Studies, she decided to transfer to The Robert O. Anderson Schools of Management and this is where she remained until she retired in November 2004.

Doris's tenure in the Robert O. Anderson Schools of Management spans 20-plus years. As a Senior Academic Advisor, Doris provided academic consultant services to students, prospective students and former students on a one-to-one, individualized and holistic basis for students expressing an interest in pursuing a bachelor's degree in business. This involved the unique, creative analysis and integration of an individual student's interest, relationships, values, academic achievements and aptitudes as they relate to that person's educational planning and development. She also interfaced/networked with other UNM departments as needed and served as Dean's delegate in formulating procedures and making decisions involving application of academic regulations regarding suspension/probation/admission/rejection to BBA program. Doris monitored at-risk students and counseled accordingly. She also admitted and rejected students as well as certified graduates from BBA program 3x yearly. Decisions made by Doris had a university-wide effect. She was engaged in continuous in-service training related to academic advisement procedures. The BBA program had one of the highest graduation rates on the UNM campus for years.

Doris served on numerous university committees representing BBA program on institutional initiatives; participated in UNM sponsored events including LOBO Orientation, CEP Program Orientation, branch campus and feeder schools advisement activities, which included visiting other schools throughout the state of News Mexico; and participated in hiring, training, and development of new ASM staff members. She also served on campus-wide advising boards and was an active member of NACADA Association (a professional organization of academic advisors). Doris received several awards for excellence in the field of advisement.

Scott Carreathers
Ex-Officio Member, 2012-2015

While not an alumni of UNM, Scott Carreathers is a huge UNM and LOBO fan! UNM has always been a part of Scott's life. He was raised in the SE part of Albuquerque, so UNM has always had a huge presence.

Scott has been with the university for 18 years in various capacities and is currently the Director of African American Student Services program.

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