Black Alumni Chapter Members

Black Alumni Chapter

The purpose of the UNM Black Alumni Chapter is to develop a plan to mobilize the membership to assist in the accomplishment of the organization's purpose as follows:

  • To establish contact between the University and its Black Alumni
  • To maintain the existence of the Africana Studies Program and the African American Student Center
  • To assist with the recruitment, retention and graduation of Black Students
  • To establish a historical archive of the Black Student movement and Black Alumni contribution locally, nationally and internationally
  • To establish the Josephus (Joe) Long Scholarship Fund at UNM for high school and college students
  • To establish a bi-annual UNM Black Alumni publication

Motto: Never Submit to Injustice.

Last Updated: November 5, 2019

For questions or more information:

Barbara Brown Simmons, President
(760) 265-1170 barbarasimmons64@