The Brick Brigade: Be A Part of Alumni History

The Hodgin Hall Brick Brigade provides an opportunity to commemorate your own or a loved one's days at UNM with a personalized brick laid in a handsome walkway leading to Hodgin's main entrance. Your brick purchase will endow the future for Hodgin Hall and the UNM Alumni Association. Funds raised will assure Hodgin Hall's maintenance and renovation while supporting the efforts of the UNM Alumni Association.

History of the Brick Brigade

Once a red brick schoolhouse in the middle of nowhere, now a pueblo-style showpiece of The University of New Mexico, Hodgin Hall holds the memories of more than 174,000 UNM alumni. The Hodgin Hall Brick Brigade began in 1992, commemorating Hodgin Hall's 100th anniversary.

Order Your Brick Today!

Standard pricing for each 10" x 3.5" brick is $100 per brick. Bricks for UNM students or recent grads (within the past five years) are just $75 each! A discount is available for bulk orders of 32 or more bricks.

Your Brick's Inscription

Bricks are engraved with two lines of 13 characters each. As a special option, three lines are available on all bricks for an extra $25 per brick. Download one of our design templates to layout your bricks.

To Order Your Brick

To order your brick, visit or contact us at (505) 277-5808 or Return your order form and brick layout by email to, or by fax to 505-277-6844 or by mail to:

UNM Alumni Association
MSC 01-1160
1 University of New Mexico
Albuquerque NM 87131-0001

Brick Notes: Each Brick Holds A Story. . .

As you walk up to Hodgin Hall, your path is paved with almost 400 bricks, each personalized by its donor. Most of the bricks record a graduate's name and year of graduation. Others hint at secrets. Here are a few brick messages—as engraved—that piqued our interest.

  • Earliest degrees noted: 1911 Evelyn Everitt Ross; and Charles Henry Lembke 1912
  • Family with the largest number of bricks: The Stewart Family has fourteen bricks. They are: David Stewart Sr. MAPA; Prudy Stewart BA; Cydney Stewart BS MS MD; David A. Hovda BA MA Ph.D; Kim Stewart Feldman MAPA Ed.D; Eldon Feldman BBA; David Stewart Jr. BS MD; Gillian Stewart BSN; Chris Stewart UNM Golf; Sean Stewart BUS; Roxann Liccione BUS JD; Timothy Stewart BA MA, Patrick Stewart BUS, and Allison Holmes Stewart BUS.
  • There are at least twenty memorial bricks, probably more, since not all of them say "in memory of." Some folks have passed away since the time they purchased the bricks. There are two dedicated to beloved pets.
  • Most degrees listed: Barnhart 31 23 22 29 51 (but we think they belong to several alumni)
  • Some bricks honor people who have worked at, perhaps retired from, UNM: Dean Lena Clauve, Dean of Women, 1929-1961; Karen Glaser, UNM 1962-1997 (dean of students); S Swisher 98, Mom UNM Staff; Alice E Seeds, Zim-Lib 58-86; Linda Estes, UNM Athletics; Richard and Donna Peck; (Former president and first lady of UNM)
  • Twelve legislators have been awarded bricks for their support of UNM: Sen. Ben Altamirano, Sen. Manny Aragon, Sen. Joseph Fidel, Sen. John Pinto, Rep. Max Coll, Rep. Kiki Saavedra, Rep. Nick Salazar, Rep. Joe Stell, Sen. Leonard Lee Rawson, Rep. Daniel Silva, Rep. Lucky Varela, and Sen. Leonard Lee Rawson
  • Some bricks recognize a historic event: Lucy Catallo's (Wines) brick lists her as the first BSN graduate. (1959)
  • Several bricks record a romance: SAS and RSG, June 25, 1994; Harold and Lola Goff, 58 Years; ER and SP, Then and Forever (heart); BE and ME Bond, BUS and MA 92 (heart); Rich and Cyndi Met Here 1989; 2P (heart) ER; Georgene 87 and Ted (heart); and April Loves Jeremy 2005
  • Some advise us: Step into the Future with Knowledge, Pat Covington
  • Several indicate something about a person's life: Lenore Wolfe, Early Childhood Educator and Activist; Tom W. Thomason, Jeweler, Artist; Jo Thomason, Special Educator; Ray Cramer, Class Pres 59; and Cheerleader Nan Taylor 42
  • Mom is thanked a few of times, as is UNM. Dad and Grandma made it, too: Thanks Mom and Grandma, SMJ; Gracias UNM, Lee and Sarah; Thank You UNM, Dan Brannon 90; and Thanks Dad and Mom, Go Lobos
  • Fraternities are noted: Amos Red Easy Goober Tri Pi; and AJ Hac Bob Bill Tri Pi
  • Five UNM Alumni Chapters have bought bricks: New York Area; Austin, Texas; Las Vegas, Nevada; Seattle; and Washington, D.C.
  • Lastly, who was Gladue Polack? Gladue Polack was here 1972.

For questions or more information:

Alumni Relations Office
O: 505-277-5808
800-ALUM-UNM (258-6866)