Usage Agreement

Reserved Time and Cancellations

Reserved Time and Chapel Access: Your event base rate reserves a two-hour block of time. No one may enter the chapel earlier than the beginning of, or, remain in the chapel past the end of your reserved block of time. This includes, but is not limited to, the wedding party, florist, musicians and photographers. Deliveries must be made only during the hours you have reserved the chapel. No vehicles are allowed on the flagstone walkway at any time.

Confirmation of Event Reservation: All individuals and organizations wishing to rent the Chapel are REQUIRED submit the Event Reservation Application and Usage Agreement and pay the Chapel rental fees in-full in order to request your event date/time. Your request must be processed and then confirmed by the Chapel Event Coordinator for your event to be considered booked and confirmed. Confirmations are sent either formally or via email communication. Requests are typically processed within 1-3 business days of receipt. Confirmations are then sent out 3-5 business days of the original request.

If you have questions or would like to make a reservation over the phone, please feel free to contact the Alumni Relations Office by phone at 505-277-5808, Monday through Friday between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. MT, or by email.

Cancellation: Cancellation of a confirmed event should be made in writing directly to the Chapel Event Coordinator. No refunds for Chapel fees will be given. If a change of date is needed we can accommodate you within a year from booking. The UNM Alumni Relations Office reserves the right to cancel events at any time and in emergencies. Please contact the Chapel attendant to discuss any concerns or issues you may be having regarding your reservation.

Inside the Chapel

Occupancy Load: The maximum number of occupants the Chapel can seat is 150. Additional seating is not permitted as this is against fire regulations. Be aware that the use of candles, flowers or other such items will reduce allowable occupancy load at the altar area.

Chapel Aisle Access: The main aisle must remain clear and unobstructed. Side pew decorations may extend a maximum of 11 inches and cannot hinder persons from entering or leaving the pew seating area. Access to the aisle from the pews may not be obstructed. All doors leading into the chapel and associated doors inside the chapel must remain open and unlocked and an assumed path from the doors must be maintained through the chapel to each of the exits. (See floorplan.)

Fire Awareness and Emergencies: The Chapel is not equipped any fire suppression systems. There are no smoke/fire detectors, automatic fire sprinklers, or fire extinguishers. Since this facility has no automatic detection, suppression or alarm system, a UNM staff member must be present for all functions to initiate any evacuations and emergency notifications.

Food and Drink: Food, drink and smoking are not permitted in the Chapel. Consumption of alcohol on University property is PROHIBITED.

Decorations and Rice

Candles, Candelabras, and Luminarias: All candles must be in a safety/protective glass container. Only dripless candles with adequate holders to prevent candle wax from dripping are allowed. Hand-held candles are not allowed in the chapel. No more than ten (10) candles are permitted on the altar. Candles on the altar must be contained and have safety tips over the containers. The candles must not exceed the height of the container. All candles should be lit approximately ten minutes before the ceremony begins. Lighting implements are available for use.

Two wrought-iron candelabras, each holding nine (9) 15-inch candles are available for use by request prior to the day of your event. Absolutely no decorations are allowed on the candelabra. The Chapel attendant will have the candles in place, ready to be lit by the person(s) you choose. Candles will be provided.

Luminarias may be used for decoration around the exterior walkways only. They may not be placed on the roof or inside the chapel. You are responsible for removing the luminarias after your ceremony/event.

Decorations and Flowers: Only floral wire and special hook-overs for pew ends may be used. Tape, nails and tacks are not permitted. You are responsible for removing your decorations and flowers once the event is completed.

Furniture: A kneeler, wooden chairs for musicians, three small wooden tables, a music stand, and a portable lectern are available for use. Please speak to the chapel attendant if you wish to use any of these items. Chapel furniture and wall furnishings may not be moved without permission from the chapel attendant. Only specifically designated furniture in the chapel may be moved. All furniture must be returned to its original place once the event is completed.

Rice and Birdseed: Nothing may be thrown inside the Chapel. Rice is not allowed. Birdseed may be thrown outside the chapel.

Music and Photography

Music: If you wish to use taped music or CDs, you must provide your own sound system. There is no sound system in the chapel. Oversized sound equipment is not allowed in the chapel without prior approval. The University Organist will play for all events in which the organ is used. A guest organist may play only with the consent of the University Organist and the University Organist will be present at all times. The University Organist will continue to receive their customary fees.

Photography: Inform your photographer of the specific hours you have reserved the chapel. Equipment, decorations and people are not allowed in the Chapel before the scheduled time and must be out of the Chapel by the end of the scheduled block of time.

Chapel Egress

Clean Up: We ask that you leave our Chapel in the same clean and tidy condition that you found it, ready for the next family to enjoy—perhaps on the same day. All decorations and flowers must be removed from the sanctuary, foyer, dressing room, and restrooms and taken by the renter. All remaining personal items and debris, including stray tissues, programs, candles, clothes hangers, florist boxes, etc. are to be removed from the building and taken out by the renter. All furniture must be returned to its original place once the event is completed.


The University of New Mexico and The University of New Mexico Alumni Association are in no way responsible for items lost, stolen or damaged during any event held in the Alumni Memorial Chapel.

Download a pdf of the Usage Agreements

Gifts To The Chapel

The Chapel Endowment Fund ensures the sustainability of the chapel for future generations. Gifts of $1,000 or more will be honored on the patron's wall in the Chapel. Your support is appreciated! You may give to the endowment through the secure online giving link. Contact us at 505-277-5808 for donations by check or credit card.

For questions or more information:

Alumni Relations Office
O: 505-277-5808
800-ALUM-UNM (258-6866)