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Alumni and Friends Data Policy

We understand that collecting personal information is a sensitive topic. However, knowing where our alumni are and the types of careers they explore is critical to the livelihood of our community.

To eliminate any mystery around what we track and why we track it, we've created this data policy resource. On this page, we address:

  • How data helps The University of New Mexico;
  • What we collect and what information we do not keep;
  • What we do with our data and what we will not do with our data; and
  • How we keep data secure.

At The University of New Mexico, your success is our success. Knowing where you are and what is going on in your life strengthens the Alumni community. Here's how.

  • We want to share news that is relevant to you. If we don't know that you live in Albuquerque, N.M., then we can't send you an invitation to an event when Lobos gather. If we don't have your email, we won't be able to share important news about the sports you played, the department in which you studied, your university's successes, or the good news about alumni around the globe.
  • It improves college rankings. Believe it or not, some college rankings factor in the job titles of our alumni, even though an alum's current position may be twenty years removed from their College experience. While the relevance of these ranking criteria could be questioned, the fact is prospective students use them. Therefore complete and up to date alumni information improves our ability to compete in an ever-increasingly ranked world.
  • We can better help students to select majors. One of the primary hesitations for a student to declare a major is the answer to the question, what can I do with this degree? The best input we get is from our graduates. When departments share the careers their alumni have chosen, it helps students visualize their own futures and possibilities.
  • We get better grant funds. Foundations want to support successful programs, and being able to tell the story of where our graduates go and what they are doing helps demonstrate the success of a University of New Mexico education.
  • It helps us sell the liberal arts college experience to prospective students. Students and their parents looking at the College often wonder why anyone would ever major in art history or English or mathematics. By knowing where alumni work and what their job titles are, our admissions officers can articulate to prospective students and their families the wide variety of opportunities that are possible with a liberal arts degree from The University of New Mexico.
  • It's important to our ongoing accreditation. Just like the business world, the world of higher education has to justify its results. More and more, colleges and universities have to prove they are delivering on their mission statements, which means more than just providing graduation rates. Having complete alumni information helps us with that process by allowing us to report on statistics like: how many of our alumni pursue graduate degrees, or the type of career paths our alumni take. It is this information that helps us show that our alumni know how to excel in today's and tomorrow's economy.
  • Because we need to ask you to give back. Of course the University is are going to use the information to ask for your financial support. We will also ask you to volunteer as an online mentor, speaker, or other role. When you were a student, alumni contributions helped to increase the value of and offset the cost of your tuition.

What data do we collect?

In addition to primary contact information consisting of home address, phone, email, so that we can communicate regularly with you, we work to collect the following information:

  • Personal information that carries over from student records:
    Degree, major, gender, birth dates, campus organization involvement, and sports affiliation.
  • Work information:
    Company name, job title, business address, industry code. This information assists current students in the selection of their majors and provides admissions with information regarding the potential career paths a graduate can take after receiving a UNM degree.
  • Family information:
    Spouse name, children's names and birth dates. We may send information about financial aid, scholarships, or the College search process to you and your family.
  • Donor information:
    Information regarding any donation to UNM that you've made or for which you receive credit.
  • Alumni information:
    Volunteer interests and preferences and event attendance.

What do we do with your data?

Your data is used only for University purposes which might include:

  • Promoting alumni events and programming.
  • Institutional research, like accreditation, academic department assessment, and other statistical measures that help program development.
  • Invite you to mentor a student, for example. assisting a student in determining a major.
  • Marketing to prospective students (identifying information must be approved by each individual alum in advance).
  • And, of course, fundraising.

What will we not do with your data?

UNM Alumni Association will not sell your data. In a situation where we do provide alumni data to a third party, it is only when we have a contract defining a service agreement, such as with our Alumni Insurance program. Use of our data is contractually limited to projects related to UNM, and any data must be returned or destroyed at the end of the contract. Before signing a contract with a third party, we review their security systems and practices so they are consistent with our standards.

Currently, we have contracts with the following companies:

How do we keep the data secure?

All alumni contact information, demographic data, and donor information is kept on our secure enterprise system.

What information do we not keep?

The alumni office does not keep any student discipline records, financial aid records, and course or grade information.

What about volunteers?

Volunteers serve as an extension of our staff. As such, it is sometimes important to share contact information with them. When we do, we remind volunteers that the information they are receiving is confidential and can only be used for its intended purposes.

Alumni and Friends Data Policy PDF File
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Last Updated: June 15, 2018

For questions or more information:

Alumni Relations Office
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