Hodgin Hall Alumni Center
Event Guidelines and Usage Agreements


Please contact the Alumni Relations Office by phone at 505-277-5808, Monday through Friday between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. MT, or by email to discuss any concerns or issues you may have regarding your room rental.


Cancelation of a confirmed Hodgin Hall room rental should be made in writing directly to the UNM Alumni Relations Office or by email. In general no refunds are given. However if the circumstances warrant refunds can be issued. Or if the CLIENT needs to cancel their reservation they may transfer it to another date within the same fiscal year under the same guidelines. Payment received, will be applied to the new reservation. Any changes that would result in additional charges will need to be paid through the booking website.

All events must end by contracted time.

If event surpasses contract time (past 5 p.m.), a fee of $100 will be charged to the CLIENT. Hodgin Hall operates from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., any event held past 5 p.m. requires scheduling prior to the event.


CLIENT must provide caterer and any or all supplies for event (i.e. plates, cups, utensils, napkins, tablecloths, placemats, etc.) as needed. Linen rental and coffee service can be provided from the Alumni Relations Office for a fee and payed for upon booking the room.

Integrity of the building must be upheld at all times.

This historic building contains many antiques, art works and original wood floors. The floors are to be kept clean and free of spills and other items that may leave the floor wet and/or damaged. All furniture must be protected by placing some sort of protective barrier on the furniture and floors (i.e. coasters, tablecloth, towels, rug, etc.) where food or beverages are served.

Any event involving alcohol MUST have a licensed server.

The SUB is our preferred resource. The CLIENT must notify the Hodgin Hall Special Events Coordinator if alcohol is to be consumed. The CLIENT must have a way of correctly identifying ID’s and how many drinks have been consumed by one individual (wristbands and visible markings for each drink served, etc.). A sign-in sheet for everyone consuming alcohol must be provided and turned into Hodgin Hall Building Manger at end of event (within 24 hours). No alcohol is permitted to be taken from Hodgin Hall Alumni Center or outside any fenced event barrier surrounding the Karen Abraham Courtyard, if the event is held outside. CLIENT must provide a staff person at each exit to ensure no alcoholic beverages leave the building. The CLIENT and hired server are RESPONSIBLE for any instances related to the event regarding alcohol.


Furniture is NOT to be moved unless discussed with the building manger beforehand. Any furniture that can be, will be moved through PPD. We will schedule the movers and set up the event space as requested when the event is booked.

AV Equipment

If utilizing our AV equipment we ask you to please bring a thumb drive with your presentation/s. We will provide the computer, screen, projector, and microphone. CLIENT may not disconnect or otherwise modify installed technology. We can provide AV/IT assistance during your event if it due to a problem with our equipment. It is advised that the CLIENT does an AV “run through” several days before the event.


Parking needs are to be arranged ahead of time (as needed). We can provide parking passes for up to 12 parking spaces in the Hodgin Hall Alumni Center's east parking lot for your event. If you need more parking than what we can provide, please visit PATS Event Planning and Support Services for details and to make additional parking arrangements. Parking passes can be sent to the CLIENT electronically.

Security requirements

The Alumni Association may require security if the event type or total projected attendance surpasses a certain number of attendees, such that security is necessary to supplement the event staff in monitoring guests and usage of the building. Security is charged at an hourly rate if it is determined by the Special Events Coordinator that it is needed. 


Non-compliance with this Rental Agreement or the Rental Policy may result in the CLIENT not being able to utilize the space in the future.


The University of New Mexico and The University of New Mexico Alumni Association are in no way responsible for items lost, stolen or damaged during any event held in Hodgin Hall Alumni Center.

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Last updated: January 23, 2020

For questions or more information:

Alumni Relations Office
O: 505-277-5808
800-ALUM-UNM (258-6866)
E: alumni@unm.edu