2017 Legislative Priorities

Performance/Outcomes Funding Formula:

Since the funding formula's implementation five years ago, UNM has grown in every metric of the outcomes based formula. UNM strongly supports that the current metrics and calculations of the performance based formula be maintained, regardless of the current fiscal situation. Institutions need to be recognized for their efforts in improving outcomes for students.

Additionally, the University of New Mexico understands the state's current fiscal situation, and request that if there are to be cuts to the higher education sector that they are fair and equal across all institutions in the state. Additionally, we ask that institutions be allowed full flexibility to implement budget reductions.

Legislative Lottery Scholarship:

UNM supports solvency of the lottery scholarship fund that is equitable for all students.

Capital Outlay:

UNM accounts for 48% of the state's total higher education FTEs as well as 32% of the total square footage devoted to teaching and research. UNM supports funding capital projects in proportion to an institutions' size and student population.

UNM Capital Projects Requests (2016 Session)

  Estimated Project Cost Appropriation Request
Main Campus Academic:
Learning Environments Renewal
$1,000,000 $1,000,000
Subtotal $1,000,000 $1,000,000
Health Sciences Center:
Demolition of 1642 University Blvd
$ 700,000 $ 700,000
Subtotal $ 700,000 $ 700,000
Branch Campuses
Classroom Renovation and Utility Upgrades
$1,000,000 $1,000,000
Los Alamos:
Sustainability and Infrastructure
$ 750,000 $ 750,000
Site and Parking Lot Repair
$ 570,000 $ 570,000
Subtotal $2,320,000 $2,320,000

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