Lobo Advocacy: You Can Help!

Lobos for Legislation is an Alumni Association sponsored program that works with the UNM Office of Government and Community Relations. It serves as a pipeline of information to alumni and friends of UNM on legislative matters. UNM alumni can play a uniquely important role helping the university communicate its needs and priorities to elected officials. Legislators are most receptive to opinions expressed by their friends, neighbors and constituents.

How do I get involved?

Tell your elected officials that you are a Lobo who supports UNM! Contact the UNM Office of Government and Community Relations for detailed information of general interest to the UNM community concerning The University of New Mexico's legislative priorities and their progress through the state legislature. Or, find detailed information regarding the members, schedules and the legislation under consideration at State Legislature.

Ways to work with elected officials:

Lobo Links:
Get to know your Legislator!

Lobo Links matches UNM Alumni and friends with specific legislators, to keep the legislators informed about UNM needs, accomplishments, and interests. We volunteer to work with a specific Legislator on behalf of UNM’s Legislative needs and build connections between elected officials and UNM. We maintain close relationships with our legislators and champion UNM and higher education issues and build trust with our legislators. We serve as resources to lawmakers regarding higher education issues. We recruit and mobilize advocates on the recommendation of alumni and the UNM Office of Government and Community Relations.

Lobos for Legislation:
Your a role in the future of UNM!

The Lobos for Legislation program provides opportunities for alumni to interact with their legislators year-round through receptions, awards and other activities. Lobos for Legislation promotes the welfare of UNM by fostering goodwill among public officials and the general public. Legislators are most receptive to opinions expressed by their friends, neighbors and constituents. Lobos for Legislation sponsors events to give alumni the opportunity to interact with their legislators. This personal contact is essential for conveying UNM’s position on higher education issues.

  • Legislator Receptions in alumni homes around the state.
  • Legislative Briefing educating Alumni on UNM priorities and key issues in the coming legislative session.
  • Legislator Appreciation Reception in Santa Fe, during the session.
  • Legislator Service Award given to Legislators serving 20 years in the New Mexico Legislature.
  • Higher Education Distinguished Legislator Award recognizing Legislators who go “above and beyond” for UNM and higher education.
  • Year-round opportunities in social, cultural, and sporting events to provide Lobo Links, UNM Alumni and friends the chance to interact with their New Mexico legislators. Become a Legislative Advocacy volunteer today!

Legislative Advocacy:
How Do I Get Involved?

Are you interested in helping to show state legislators the value of The University of New Mexico? Legislative Advocacy volunteers show state legislators the value of UNM. Our alumni and friends really do make a difference in how UNM prospers in New Mexico and nationally. Sign up to become a Legislative Advocacy volunteer. Please contact us using our Volunteer Sign-Up Form to receive program information. Or, contact Kim Feldman at 505-277-9092 or at borzoi@unm.edu for more information about our Lobo Advocacy Program.

Annual Congressional Reception

The annual Congressional Reception provides an opportunity for UNM alumni from the Washington, D.C. area and key UNM administrators to interact with New Mexico's Congressional delegation. For more information on the Congressional Reception, Kim Feldman, 505-277-9092, contact borzoi@unm.edu.

Last updated: July 20, 2017

For questions or more information:

Kim Feldman, Associate Director
Alumni Relations Office
(505) 277-5808, borzoi@unm.edu