UNM Official Ring: Trade in the Old! Ring in the New!

UNM Official Rings:

If you missed an opportunity to purchase your UNM Official Ring while a student, you can still order online from the Josten's (opens in new window). If you don't live in the area, but you're interested, contact smac14@unm.edu.

Watch for more details on the Spring Ring Ceremony

ASUNM Lobo Spirit, in collaboration with the Student Activities Center, will host their UNM Ring Ceremony for students who purchased a UNM ring and their families. During the ceremony, participants dip their hand in red dye and the color stays on their hand for about a day during which time, students are able to show their red hands at local businesses in exchange for discounts. For more information contact Ryan Lindquist at depar@unm.edu or call 505-277-4706.

The Ring Design:

Show off the Lobo, Hodgin Hall, the Sandias and UNM with every handshake. UNM students and alumni collectively designed the ring. Included in the design are the Lobo, Hodgin Hall and the Sandia Mountains, with UNM engraved on top. The ring comes in five sizes, in your choice of traditional or antique. You may also add a red gem. We also offer a simple Signet ring, in three different sizes.

Why Hodgin Hall?

The University's first building, Hodgin Hall, opened in 1892. It was originally built of red brick with a pitched roof and arched windows. In 1908 the pitched roof and the fourth story were removed, the red brick stuccoed over, the arched windows squared off and the corners of the building rounded for a pueblo appearance. In 1971, the news of Hodgin Hall's scheduled destruction prompted alumni to rally for its preservation and restoration.

Charles Hodgin was a member of the University's first graduating class (1894) who became head of the Education Department, then dean, and finally vice-president of the University. Today, Hodgin Hall houses the UNM Alumni Relations Office and the UNM Alumni Association.

Why the Lobo?

The lobo was chosen as UNM's mascot – and the name of the school newspaper – in 1920. The student body agreed that "lobo," the Spanish word for wolf, embodied the campus spirit. "The lobo is respected for his cunning, feared for his prowess, and is the leader of the pack," the Daily Lobo wrote. The lobo on the ring depicts the statue guarding the southwest corner of campus on Central and University.

For more information:
Find the perfect fit, and more information, at Jostens.com (opens in new window). Alumni who have purchased previous UNM rings may be able to exchange them for new rings at a special rate. Contact Jostens at 1-800-854-7464 for more information.

For questions or more information:

Alumni Relations Office
O: 505-277-5808
800-ALUM-UNM (258-6866)
E: alumni@unm.edu