Welcome to the UNM Alumni Association!

From the beautifully restored Alumni Center at Hodgin Hall, the UNM Alumni Association and the UNM Alumni Relations Office keep The University of New Mexico and its alumni communicating and connected. Everyone who graduates from UNM is automatically a member of the Alumni Association — there are no dues.

Main Line: 505-277-5808 | Email: alumni@unm.edu | Fax: 505-277-6844

Dana Allen

Vice President, Alumni Relations Office
Executive Director, UNM Alumni Association

Office: 505-277-5808 | Email Dana Allen

At UNM Since: 2017

Why I love working for the Alumni Relations Office: I get to meet so many people whose lives were transformed by going to UNM. Their stories motivate me to ensure that everyone feels connected. 

Fun Fact: My Pandora station mix is Neil Diamond and Pitbull.

Kim Feldman

Associate Director, UNM Alumni Relations

Office: 505-277-9092 | Email Kim Feldman

At UNM Since: 1992

Why I love working for the Alumni Relations Office: Working with UNM alumni provides ways to engage on personal, professional and educational levels. I always enjoy hearing stories about UNM.

Fun Fact: Totally obsessed with the Grand Canyon be it rafting, backpacking, or hiking.

Victoria Lujan

Events Coordinator

Office: 505-277-6040 | Email Victoria Lujan

At UNM Since: 2013

Why I love working for the Alumni Relations Office: I love working at the UNM Alumni Relations Office because I meet so many inspiring people. The UNM students, staff and faculty members create a unique diversity, an uplifting spirit, and sense of community that I enjoy being a part of.

Fun Fact: As an adolescent I enjoyed skateboarding as a hobby. I recognized the need for more places around the city that supported and encouraged the sport and petitioned to address the need. So much that I was influential in getting skate parks built around Albuquerque, and even was a gold shovel digger at the ground breaking for the first skate park in the city.

Tressa Lewis

Admin Assistant 3

Office: 505-277-2593 | Email Tressa Lewis

At UNM Since: 2017

Why I love working for the Alumni Relations Office: I am ecstatic to be working in an organization that merges UNM's rich history with its future. It is a joy to work in an environment with such a diverse and dedicated community.

Fun Fact: I studied Shakespeare, Dickens, and Austen, but even so, my favorite read by far is The Edge Chronicles, a children’s fantasy series by Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell.

Sean Placencio

Administrative Assistant 2

Office: 505-277-5808 | Email Sean Placencio

At UNM Since: 2018

Why I love working for the Alumni Relations Office: Not only have I had the pleasure of meeting and working with amazing people, I also have the privilege of working in Hodgin Hall; Every day offers a new adventure or rediscovery richly filled with New Mexican history and heritage.

Fun Fact: In my spare time I enjoy handcrafting small batch beer and wine. Some of my favorite recipes are Honey Ale, Centennial Stout, Cinnamon Mead and Banana IPA.

For questions or more information:

Alumni Relations Office
O: 505-277-5808
800-ALUM-UNM (258-6866)
E: alumni@unm.edu