Trailblazers and Student Alumni Ambassadors

UNM Trailblazers are ambassadors for the UNM Alumni Association and The University of New Mexico. Trailblazers volunteer at UNM Alumni Association functions. They may also choose to participate in special volunteer projects or fundraising activities chosen by the organization.

As Trailblazers, members develop leadership skills by interacting with other student leaders, networking with community members, participating in workshops and conferences and serving as the governing board for the Student Alumni Ambassadors (SAA).

To request the Trailblazers

To request assistance from Trailblazers at your event, please contact Sue MacEachen in the UNM Alumni Relations Office, or call 505-277-5808.

Support UNM Trailblazers

To provide additional assistance to UNM Trailblazers to attend conferences and program support, visit our secure online donation form (opens in new window). For more information contact Sue MacEachen at 505-277-9088.

2017-2018 Executive Board

Outstanding Trailblazer of the Year Award Recipients

The Outstanding Trailblazer of the Year recognition is determined solely by the recipient's peers.

Where Trailblazers blaze trails:

  • Alumni Association: Promoting the Alumni Career Mentor Program; Alumni Board Meetings and Luncheons; Alumni Homecoming Activities; and Legislative Receptions
  • President’s office: Basketball games; Dinners; Receptions; Student Luncheons; and UNM’s Hanging of the Greens
  • Student Recruitment: Speaking at Freshmen Sendoffs and Freshmen Orientation

For questions or more information:

Sue MacEachen, Associate Director
Alumni Relations Office
(505) 277-9088,